Sunday, 15 July 2012

Teresa Higginson on Our Lord's Agony in Gethsemane

This is an extract from a complete account Teresa wrote of Our Lord's Sacred Passion, which she wrote at the request of her director Fr. Edward Powell in Bootle.

How can I find words to express the overwhelming agony of soul, the anguish of heart and mental suffering, as mortal sin after mortal sin was presented to Thy gaze, and with Thy unsullied light of intellect Thou didst see each separate sin in all its filthy foulness, know all the horrors and the insult offered to the Almighty Creator, and feel the punishment to the full of each and every sin?

How couldst Thou bear them thus, knowing the ungrateful return that would be made Thee for loving us too much, and being thus clothed, Thou wert obliged to stand in the ineffable light of God?  For thou couldst not separate Thy human nature for an instant from the divine, hence this annihilation which forced the Precious Blood through every pore in Thy Sacred Body and laid Thee writhing on the ground.  For what human soul could stand in the awful purity of God with the light of the divinity shining on it revealing horrible mortal sins in all their heinous malice?

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