Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Teresa's meditiations on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary - Fourth Mystery

Soul of a sinner - here without a home,
Art thou a pilgrim for the world to come?

See, then, thy Great Exemplar on His way
A path of dolours - cloth'd in red array!

The sight of Calvary His heart inspires
And lights eternal love with ardent fires.

Lo! where His Holy Mother stands opprest,
The sword of sorrow piercing through her breast!

See where the Cross - that purchase of the Crown
Weighs on His wounded frame, and sinks it down!

See when yon woman wipes His sacred face,
And wins a likeness of the King of Grace!

Hear where the daughters of sad Salem wail,
While Siloa's brook sighs softly through the vale;

These with sweet sympathy dissolve'd in fears,
That to be shortly swollen with their tears!

Lord! let each eye o'erflow with contrite grief,
And in the road to Calvary, seek relief!

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