Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Child of Mary

This poem was found in Teresa's notebooks.  It can be sung as a hymn to the tune of St. Columba.

O favour'd mortal Mary's Child
Can tongue reveal thy bliss?
The spotless Angel round Her throne
Know not a name like this.

They hail Her as their sovereign Queen
The Mother of their Lord.
They are but servants kneeling there
To wait Her gracious call.

But thou cans't say, as Jesus said
O Mary Mother mine,
For He Himself on Calvary's hill
Has made his Mother thine.

Our Lady, the Child Jesus and St. Mary Magdalen

Twas in that hour beneath the Cross
At Jesus dying prayer
That first Her sinless hands were raised
And Mary blessed thee there.

Ah!  Yes and yet still She loves thee
Heaven's glorious Queen above
Looks down upon Her lowly child
With more than Mother's love.

When storms arise that fain would blast
And Satan wields his power
If you but hope and trust in Her
She'll shield you in that hour.

She'll guide and guard thy every step
In life's long rugged way
If thou but trust and cling to Her
Thy foot shall never stray.

Fear not, thy soul is in Her hand
She knows the price it cost
Fear not: it never yet was known -
That Mary's child was lost. 

 Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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