Monday, 13 August 2012

A Wirral miracle in 1940

A reader sent in this story of a cure of her grandmother in Wirral in 1940 by Teresa Higginson's intercession.  This is an edited version:

Blessed Teresa Higginson cured my nan (grandmother) in Wirral in 1940.

Birkenhead docks

My late nan had nine children and my grandad worked on the docks.   My nan was very ill and doctors said her illness was not curable.  My grandfather said he would put the children in a Catholic home, and see them when not working.  My nan said it wasn't an option.  She travelled to the Wirral with my Aunt Winifred, and when she arrived she was ill and weak.  She was taken to a small room, given a prayer and a small piece of cloth to hold, (probably a second class relic of Teresa Higginson) and she said that she felt all the illness lift out of her.  She left and went back home. I don't know if this was recorded or not, but I thank Our Lord, Our Lady, blessed Teresa and all the angels and saints that it did.  This was one of my favorite childhood stories, and my nan went on to live to eighty.

Name withheld

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